Friday, 18 January 2013

Do You Need a Consumer Credit License?

This is an interesting blog about why you may require a Consumer Credit License, what you need to do to get one and the benefits of having one.

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Sunday, 6 January 2013

2013 Commercial Debt Recovery Advice via our Commercial Debt Collection Blog

If you are looking for some commercial debt recovery advice for 2013 then please find an interesting article on our commercial debt collection blog:

You can also read more about commercial debt collection on our commercial website or alternatively you can call us on 01992 414222.

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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Credit application for new accounts

In the 17 years Creditserve has been trading we have on many occasions been asked to assist clients in reviewing their procedures for opening credit accounts on potential new customers.

The starting off point is to obtain a credit application form that needs to be completed and signed by a legal officer of the business, such as a Director for a limited company, sole proprietor or partners for a non limited business. The most important information that should be requested on a credit application form is as follows:-

1. Full name and address of the business
2. Confirmation if the business is a limited company, sole trader or partnership.
3. If the business is a limited company the correct name and company registration number
4. If the business is sole trader or partnership the full name(s) and residential address(es) of the proprietor
   or all of the partners.

As the proprietor/partners are personally liable for the business debt it is imperative that you should obtain the residential addresses.  

5. Within the credit application form their should be a section that is signed by one of the legal officers.
    which is giving consent for credit checks to be carried out now and in the future on both the business 
    and personal checks against the owners of the business.

If you require any additional information regarding credit application forms please contact us

Creditserve Business Information ltd also specialise in providing  bespoke credit information on non limited businesses, which are sole traders and partnerships. For more information please visit our website

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Tuesday, 1 January 2013